Home improvement tips for do-it-yourself landscaping

Landscaping can seem daunting, but in reality it can be an easy do-it-yourself project; you just need some time and patience.  There are a lot of variables to consider like budget, skill level, personal design taste, and how you plan to use your yard.  But regardless of these variables, there are a few DIY landscaping tricks that can work for most any circumstance.  Here are some simple home improvement ideas for yard landscaping.

  • Incorporate year round interests into your landscaping plans.  Plant for four seasons- this will require well researched plant selections.  The goal is to have flowering trees and shrubs throughout the year.
  • Layer your flower beds.  By layering your planting beds in three rows you can add some great dimension.  Tallest plants should go in the back, mid-sized plants in the middle, and shortest plants in the front.  Repetition of types of plants will help create unity in your yard landscaping design.
  • Evergreens and other types of foliage will add continuity to your yard landscaping.  You’ll want to incorporate both deciduous and evergreens.  Deciduous trees will add flowers, and evergreens will enhance the continuity.
  • Plant annuals to supplement perennials.  When the perennials are out of bloom you’ll want to have annuals to keep the color scheme going.
  • Incorporate hardscape into the landscape.  This can be in the form of evergreens, fences, or walls; they help frame your property and add dimension to the yard.
  • Install water features: it’s easier than it looks.  Water features add a focal point in addition to a calming sound feature.  These can include simple ponds, fountains, and even waterfalls.
  • Create form and texture with variances between flowers, foliage, and rockery.
  • Plan for a low maintenance yard, unless you love to spend hours with upkeep on the weekends- and many people do.
  • Use drought-tolerant plants, so that the summer months don’t destroy your garden.
  • Match your flowers to the places they will be growing in- light and soil needs should always be considered before planting.

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DIY landscaping can be a very enjoyable home improvement project; you’ll get to spend quality time outside creating your ideal yard environment.  Use these simple landscaping tips for your home improvement ideas in the yard.

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